Solid Surface Countertops
  • 7 Aug, 2020
  • Blissspace Team

Why solid surface countertops are a great choice for new kitchens

There are a lot of factors you need to consider when picking out your kitchen countertops; after all, it’s something you’ll be looking at and using every day for years! While appearance and functionality play a crucial role in what consumers choose, the price, durability, and ease of maintenance are also deciding factors.

Solid Surface Countertops are popular among homeowners remodelling their kitchens in India. This acrylic material has been around for decades. It is factory-made and mimics the appearance of stone – like marble, quartz, and granite, making it attractive to buyers who wish to add a bit of earthy appeal to the space, as opposed to using plain coloured countertops.

Here’s what makes it one of the best countertop materials:

Ample Colour and Design Options

From deep black to pale whites and from pinks to reds, browns, yellows, and greens, you’ll have plenty to choose from at Blissspace Goa. Corian countertops are designed to mimic the speckling formations that appear on natural stone, so it looks better than plain, solid-coloured surface tops.

Seamless Appearance

One of the best things about Solid Surface Countertops is that the pieces are bonded together with an extremely tight seam, giving them a smooth, flawless appearance. You’ll have a clean look across surfaces, no matter what shape or size your kitchen countertops are in. Because it is engineered, the slabs will have no imperfections.


While natural stone is beautiful, it is made up of a conglomeration of particles. This porosity makes it vulnerable to breakage, and a slab of stone, once cracked, is difficult to put back together. Solid countertops, on the other hand, are nearly non-porous, making them waterproof, stain resistant, and able to withstand impact. Its lack of porosity makes it resistant to seepage. The glossiness doesn’t fade with wear and tear either, but it will need to be buffed once every couple of years.

Easy to Repair

A bit of care is required to maintain countertops like these. For example, you will need to use a cutting board to prevent scratch marks caused by chopping. But unlike actual stone countertops that are difficult to fix once broken, these can be easily repaired by professionals.


Because of the non-porous quality of Corian countertops, dirt and bacteria don’t get trapped on the surface. This makes it a great option for even the messiest of cooks because you’ll never have to worry about the countertops harbouring bacteria and germs, unlike wood, tile, and actual stone that can accumulate dirt and make it hard to clean. Additionally, mildew and mould are unable to penetrate the surface of solid countertops.

No matter what material you opt for, make sure to purchase it from the best kitchen countertop company in Goa. Blissspace carries quartz and acrylic solid surface countertops as well as laminates and natural stone. Come and visit our showroom in Panjim to browse through our wide selection of countertops or contact us on 080077 09080 for any questions you may have.

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