functional modular wardrobes
  • 18 Apr, 2022
  • Blissspace Team

Children’s rooms benefit from functional modular wardrobes

Wardrobes are essential elements while designing or redesigning your child’s room. A child’s room is no longer just a set up of a tiny bed with a play area. Modern interior designs place wardrobes as a great storage solution to keep their room neat and organised. One great innovation is building wardrobes with modular designs. These designs not only add elegance to their space, but are also durable furniture structures. You can also ease the functionality of wardrobes for children by choosing furniture designs with various options – sliding compartments, open shelves and pull out shelves. Modular designs are not just future proof, but they also build good organising habits for your children.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a child’s wardrobe while doing the interiors of their room.

Children need their own storage space

A wardrobe makes it convenient to store the child’s essentials in their room. The perks of your child having their own wardrobe with multiple shelves are storing various items in one space. From garments to their daily essentials and toys, wardrobes can be designed with storage compartments that accommodate all their items. 

Their room needs to have a clutter-free play area

Children love their play areas the most when it is clear from obstacles. A wardrobe for storage helps declutter the area and tidy their space. Maximising the space makes more room for them to enjoy their fun activities. 

It helps them stay organised

Wardrobes will help children organise their own spaces. They will build a good habit of placing their essentials systematically and keeping their space neat. Organised spaces can benefit their emotional well being and have a positive impact on their mood.

Eases out their daily routines

Daily routines are fun when they can be done at ease. Wardrobes with smart design innovations in the compartments make the usage convenient and accessible for children. These designs encourage children to do their daily storing and cleaning routine, without any hassles or complaints.

Adds colour to the room

Children find joy in objects that are colourful. Wardrobes can be an essential factor that also adds colour to brighten up their room. Psychologically, colours have an influence on one’s mood. You could choose a basic colour palette that compliments the interiors and goes well with the room. You could also decide to go offbeat and select a colourful palette or pick their favourite colours for the wardrobe. The wardrobe’s colour plays an important role in turning their room into a happier space.

Selecting the right design solution is important for the interiors to compliment your space. Here’s a list of our design ideas on wardrobes for children.

Basic wardrobe

A basic wardrobe is a furniture with multiple shelves that can be placed in your child’s room to store their essentials. Basic wardrobes can also be a mix of storage shelves and open compartments.

Open shelf wardrobe

An open shelf wardrobe is designed to store essentials with easier access as it is built without doors. The structure is designed with open compartments that display everything stored and gives direct access to the essentials.

Pull out shelves

A wardrobe with an innovation of pull out shelves makes access to your storage simple by effortlessly sliding the compartments. Pull out shelves can also be built-in walls and other furniture items to smartly utilise the space.

Study table + wardrobe

Wardrobes with modular designs are built to minimise the usage of space for your furniture. An innovative method is building a wardrobe with an attached study table. Attached furniture designs are multi-functional solutions that also add a trendy aesthetic that children love.

Wardrobe by the bed

Another modular design for furniture is a wardrobe by the bed. The storage compartments can be placed around and under the bed to minimise the spacing of the furniture and also for quick access to essentials.

Choose an innovative way that also adds elegant details to your child’s room. Our team of experts help you with the right wardrobe selection to ensure your child’s room has a modular style statement that is safe and functional. Call Blissspace for a consultation or take a walk-in tour of our showroom to know more.

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