The Golden Triangle
  • 10 Dec, 2020
  • Blissspace Team

How Does The Golden Triangle Help In Your Kitchen Design?

The golden triangle (also known as the working triangle) is an age-old direction for designing your kitchen. It refers to the ideal locations of the three main operational areas and suggests placing the fridge, sink, and stove in such a way that they should form a triangle.

What is the Golden Triangle in Kitchen Design?

When a person cooks, there is continuous movement between these three stations. The person cooking is able to move around with ease because of the close proximity between the three points. It also takes into consideration the space between the three workstations so that it doesn’t get too cramped. This concept can be applied to small or medium-sized kitchens and can maximise the usage of limited space.

According to Architectural Digest, this theory came up in the early twentieth century and states that each side of the triangle should be a minimum of four feet and a maximum of nine feet apart to ensure the most comfortable working space. The sum total of the lengths of all three sides should be between 13 and 26 feet. While planning your golden triangle, keep in mind the placement of other appliances that you use. Also ensure that there shouldn’t be any obstructions between the workstations in the form of furniture, counters, or an island. Instead, incorporate your counters and island while designing your space.

What Kitchen Layout would the Golden Triangle Work in?

This concept can work in different kitchen layouts. In a kitchen with an island, the island is used as the sink area and the other counters are used for the fridge and stove. The same works with a galley kitchen. In a peninsula kitchen, the sink, stove, and fridge are placed on different counters. This can also be applied to a U-shaped kitchen. In an L-shaped kitchen, you will usually find the sink and refrigerator adjacent to each other while the stove is placed on the other countertop. While in a straight kitchen, the stove is placed between the fridge and sink.

While it can still be applied in today’s times, our kitchens have modernised. Designing your kitchen using this concept also has to accommodate these changes. Dishwashers have become an integral part of our kitchens. They occupy a significant amount of space and should be placed near the sink. The number of cooking appliances has also increased. Other than the stove, space has to be created for appliances like a microwave, oven, blender, toaster and the list goes on. You also have to keep in mind that in crowded cities, the living spaces have become more compact so it is not possible to follow the specified dimensions.

If you’re designing your kitchen, Blissspace – Goa’s best modular kitchen brand, recommends incorporating the golden triangle. Following the layout makes everyday cooking activities effortless. You have to keep in mind your habits and your cooking techniques before you make your plans. Before you design, study your movements around the kitchen, think about how you utilise your kitchen now and how you’d like to do so in your dream kitchen. Be practical about your kitchen routine.


Do you cook frequently? How often do you make use of the oven or the stove? Do you use one more than the other? Realising what you use more as well as your habitual movements can help you identify the flow of traffic in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you plan on hiring someone or doing it yourself, understanding the reason behind the golden triangle and will help you design the finest kitchen for you and your family.

Blissspace designs your kitchen keeping in mind all these concepts as well as your own needs in the kitchen. Check out our website if you’re planning to design your kitchen. Read our blog to see 5 kitchen makeovers by Blissspace. Also read about the difference between a semi-modular kitchen and fully modular kitchen before you start planning.

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