Home Office in Bedroom Ideas
  • 1 Feb, 2022
  • Blissspace Team

How to create a home office in your bedroom

The past couple of years have seen kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms double up as offices for most of the world. Among the many challenges that the pandemic has thrown at you, designing an uplifting home office makes the cut. No, you cannot put up a foldable table on your bed and say, “voila!” Your home office needs to ensure that you stay motivated, alert, and productive. Moreover, it has to be ergonomic, well-lit, and well-ventilated too. 

Working from home can be comfortable, liberating, and commute-free, provided you plan it right. There are ways to create the perfect home office without having to shift too much furniture or take up your cohabitants space. Your bedroom can be one easy, conflict-free zone. Here are a few tips on creating an ergonomic home office, right in your bedroom:

Invest in Custom-made Furniture

Buying fast furniture can feel easy until you end up not finding a place for it. Going for custom-made furniture that fits your bedroom’s dimensions and space can be a lifesaver. You can have a foldable desk, convert a closet into a small office and make it as spacious or as limited as you would like it. Moreover, you can add essential features to your work desk such as a phone holder, drawers, shelves, foot stand, and so on. Another feature that could work wonders for your lumbar health is a laptop stand, so you don’t have to bend your neck. A foldable stand can easily be built into your custom-made desk, exactly the way you want it. Figure out your workspace needs and get your home office designed accordingly.

Find a Spot in the Sun

Biophilic designs are making the headlines. Not just your workspace, but your entire living space would serve you better if it’s letting in plenty of air and sunlight. The lighting of your workspace can make or break your attitude for the day. Dark spaces can affect your mood and motivation to work. Moreover, they can make you feel slow, and drowsy and strain your eyes. If your bedroom doesn’t have windows for natural lighting, consider adding warm overhead lights.

Keep them Separate

Your bedroom is primarily meant for relaxation. Having a workspace there is bound to affect your attitude towards work. You can easily avoid this by putting a divider in place to create a separate home office within your bedroom. You could use sliding doors, curtains,  a wood-slatted partition, or an upholstered screen to create a divider, depending on how much room you have. Moreover, placing your desk such that your bed remains out of sight can be a game-changer as well. Ideally, give your workspace a view that’s both comforting and exciting.

Your Chair is Everything

Spending hours slouching on the wrong kind of chair could be disastrous for your lumbar region. An ergonomic chair can offer your lower back, neck, and spinal cord the support they deserve to brave the endless sitting. Chairs that make your back or upper legs ache aren’t the right fit for you. Find one where your feet touch the ground and that has plenty of arm support too.

Cabinets to the Rescue!

A decluttered home office is a productive one. If you are going to have to move office stuff home, piling it up in boxes can just create a stressful mess. Add easy-to-access cabinets to the top of your workspace so your affairs remain separated and out of sight. These cabinets can also be used to tuck away all your work things at the end of the day so they don’t interrupt your rest time. Smart storage solutions are integral to a functional home office space. They can cut down on the usage of floor space and make your work necessities easily accessible. 

The Colours Matter

Your home office should align with the rest of your room. However, it also needs to be a space that makes you want to work away. Studies have shown that the colours of your home office can affect your mental state and motivation. Light, airy, earthy colours that feel fresh but aren’t too vibrant are preferred over dull browns or greys. Lean towards hues of blue and green or off-whites, but try to complement them with your bedroom’s theme. Consider using decor pieces that add interest to the space. 

Working from home is a big change, and can be stressful initially. However, a comfortable home office in the bedroom can be just the thing you need to make it easy. Once you get the hang of it, it’s just smooth sailing from there. Take the effort to personalise your home office and you will never want to leave it again!

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