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  • 23 Jan, 2020
  • Blissspace Team

How to Partition a Room without Building a Wall?

While building a wall in your home is effective to partition your space, it is also permanent and may not always fit into your budget. For those who are renting a space, building a wall may not even be an option, but oftentimes, it is a dire requirement, especially if you have to share your home with someone else.

Here are a few quick, flexible ways for you to carve out a designated area to suit your needs without having to build a wall.

Use Curtains

The simple curtain has been used to partition spaces from hospitals to hostels. While it doesn’t provide a barrier to sound, this cheap fix is easy to install and remove whenever you feel like it. They’re also versatile, allowing you to draw them when you need privacy or pull them back to open up space when you have company over. Needless to say, because of their affordability and versatility, you can switch them up to lend different looks to your home as you play around with your home décor – whether you’re looking for something luxurious or artsy, you can switch it up with ease.

Open Shelves

Create a division without completely enclosing a space with open shelves. It is easy to see why separating a space with shelves is so popular among modern homeowners. While a bookshelf adds the height and depth of separation that’s similar to a wall, it allows light to pass through and offers storage and décor space for books, photos, and knick-knacks. Secondly, since it is just a piece of furniture, you can move it, or better yet, disassemble it when your needs change.

Sliding Doors

One of the best ways to cordon off a space in a more permanent way. One of the biggest advantages of having sliding doors is that it comes in various shapes and sizes, so whether you want to partition an entire room from wall to wall, or just an empty doorway, all you need to do is to add runners on the floor and ceiling and insert wood or mirrored panels to separate your space. Any modular furniture brand can do this for you in a couple of days without burning a hole in your pocket.

Use Furniture and Décor

In open-plan apartments, you will often find empty spaces in common areas that either act as a den, an office, a closet, or a dining area. Using furniture and smart decorating hacks, you can visually separate areas to appear like they are different rooms. Paint the walls in each space a different colour or use wallpaper or tiles in a section to indicate that a new room begins from that point. Throw a rug under your living room furniture and turn the backs of all your couches to the area you want to cordon off, so it visually looks like a separate space. You’ll need to experiment to see what strategic furniture placement works for you.

Folding Screens

Folding screens take up little space, and are quick to assemble, remove and move around. There is a myriad of folding screen options to choose from, too. Antique ones tend to boast intricate designs and textures, while plain pallet wood screens can act as bulletin boards. Colourfully printed screens add a lot of personality to a room and can act as a statement décor item, much like a painting or a rug can.

Use Plants

Got a green thumb? With plants, not only can you create a sense of privacy, but you’re bringing elements into your home that only nature can bring – life, energy, and a sense of refreshment, not to mention a better quality of air. Use small or large plants to create a division of space or grow vines around a simple wooden frame to separate, say, a long balcony into a sit-out for friends and a private Jacuzzi area for you.

Floor-to-ceiling Rope Installations

A simple weekend DIY project can leave you with a beautiful room partition without needing the help of an electrician or carpenter. Simply hang a painted strip of wood to the ceiling and tie long strands of rope to it. Using another strip of wood at the bottom, simply tie the strands of rope to the base, and voila! It’s an organic way to add texture, a natural light filter, and a unique decorative item to your home all at once.

So if you’re looking to cordon off a space to use as a home office or a creative space for your artistic endeavours, whether you have a new roommate or if you’d just like to give your space a dash of style, consider these simple home décor hacks and you’ll soon have yourself a new room in the weekend!

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