Types of Kitchen Cabinets
  • 27 Nov, 2020
  • Blissspace Team

6 Types Of Kitchen Cabinets To Transform Your Ordinary Kitchen

Many people now live in smaller spaces and are shifting to modular kitchens that maximise the use of their limited space along with fewer hassles of maintenance and cleaning. Upgrading your kitchen to a modular kitchen combines ease and performance. They are easy to assemble and can be customised to suit your needs while offering extra space in your kitchen as you can have all your appliances like ovens and dishwashers built into a cabinet. A variety of materials can be used like wood, plastic, or glass with different finishes like acrylic, laminate, and colours that add elegance as well as convenience to the heart of the home. With proper space management, you’ll find you have extra space you never knew existed.

Here are 6 types of cabinets you can consider installing to transform your kitchen:


Corner Cabinets

There’s always that corner in your kitchen where you knew you could fit something in, but just didn’t know how to. This is the perfect example of space management by transforming that empty space into a useful one by installing corner cabinets that can store all the small things in your kitchen in a very handy spot thus optimising your kitchen space. This little corner in your kitchen can also be used to store cleaning supplies or things you rarely reach out for. They could also be the place you keep the little bottles that you never seem to find. There are also many hardware solutions that can be placed in your corners like Magic Corners and S-Carousel swing-out solutions.

Glass Cabinets

A glass door on your cabinet is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Glass also adds elegance making your kitchen look more spacious. Great in a smaller kitchen as they can open out the space and make it look airier. Glass cabinets are also easier to clean with just a dab of liquid soap. They are also available in various finishes like textured, stained, diamond panelled glass, tinted, and frosted.

Sliding Kitchen Cabinets

A sliding kitchen door opens horizontally or parallels a kitchen wall. It could hide away a cupboard of tiny bottles and jars that might look cluttered. Using a sliding door is also useful in a small space where opening a cabinet door outwards is not possible or inconvenient. Having fewer parts they are more durable thus reducing your cost of regular repairs and maintenance. They are also great if you have children, as it reduces the chances of them running into open cabinets and getting hurt.

Lift Up Cabinets

Another option is a cabinet door that opens up upwards. These are usually seen above chimneys, especially when a door cannot be opened vertically. They are also great when it is at a height and cannot be pulled out to display the items in them thus making them very convenient to use. In a small kitchen, they are also safer since they don’t open up outwards and offer more space to move about in a hurry. The latest technology has allowed the use of a button to open these cabinets making it easier.

Pull Out Cabinets

These types of kitchen cabinets are usually used at the bottom making them practical and easy to use. They can be used to store dishes as well as cutlery. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to search for things as everything is visible to you when you pull it out. As a result, you don’t have to bend too much nor go up on tiptoes to find things that are stored at the back of the shelf. They are also slightly raised on the sides so that smaller items or bottles don’t roll out when you open them. The most common items stored here are cutlery, plates, and spices. Partitions within the pull-out cabinet can further be added to organise smaller bottles of spices and herbs.

Single Or Double Door Cabinets

Cabinets with doors are the most common type of kitchen cabinets. They are used to store and conceal your pots and pans, glasses, and spices. These types of cabinets are even available with magnetic fixtures so as to ensure that the kitchen cabinets shut properly without hurting anybody. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are very common in pantries as they are very functional and you’ll never be short on storage space. You can store bulk food items like cereal, flour, and rice to smaller things like pickles and sugar. Having doors for your cabinets that conceal other differently sized drawers also makes your kitchen look more organized.

Cabinets definitely make your kitchen more organized and a lot more put together, adding a contemporary finish to an old home. Everything seems to have a place which in turn ensures easy use and saves time that you would have spent searching for things. You can custom-build your cabinets to store all your tiny bottles that always seemed to get lost, along with a special place for large jars and other storage. You can now enjoy the pantry of your dreams and make the kitchen a space you love spending time in.

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