Rebuilding your Kitchen
  • 28 May, 2022
  • Blissspace Team

Reasons why Rebuilding your Kitchen is Better than Remodelling it

A kitchen is one of the most sacred and nurturing spaces in any home. It is important for it to be spacious but not empty, stocked but not cluttered, and lively yet not loud. Your kitchen’s personality should reflect and evolve with you. The kitchen you might have designed 5-10 years ago might not align with your current preferences or even the ever-changing home decor trends. An old house with a traditional kitchen might need a more contemporary touch which may require its complete rebuilding. Most homeowners avoid renovating their kitchen due to the fact that they might have to tear it down completely. However, a little rebuilding can really give your home that much-needed makeover. Moreover, it can further help you pick out any defects within its main foundation (things such as defective plumbing or mould in the wall). Apart from that, here are some reasons why rebuilding your kitchen might be a better option than remodelling it:

To Accommodate More

If you are someone living by yourself, a smaller kitchen definitely works well. However, if you are planning to expand your family or simply have more people living with you, your kitchen will need to get bigger too. It’s not just about more floor space, it’s also about increasing storage, having more appliances, and multiple dining counters. You might also want to make a place for a bigger dining table, create a child-friendly dining area, move the shelves around or ensure that the sharp objects are out of the kids’ reach. Some other things you can look to add are a bigger refrigerator, a bar counter, more appliances, and so on. To really expand your kitchen, and make it feel well-equipped and spacious, just moving things around might not be enough and a little rebuilding might be necessary. 

Rebuild a Kitchen to Fix Up its Framework

Most older houses do start falling apart over time. It is important to keep a check on their pipes and wiring in order to protect your home’s foundation. Taking a kitchen apart and rebuilding it can help you spot these deteriorating elements of your house (if there are any). This means you can add in dependable and more modern pipes and safer electrical wiring. While you are at it, you can also replace the sinks and the flooring with something that is more contemporary and easy to use. It always helps to keep up with the changing times and current trends to create a more comfortable home. 

Fix an Awkward Layout

Sometimes your home might not have an exactly perfect layout. Sometimes they come with unexpected corners and out-of-place walls that just take up space by serving no function at all. By spending a little more, you can easily fix an awkward layout and put it back together exactly the way you want it to be. Rebuilding a kitchen can be really helpful since it creates additional space and facilitates comfortable movement throughout. Since a kitchen requires the installation of several large appliances such as a refrigerator, a dishwasher, an oven, and so on, the extra space can really ensure that the kitchen remains decluttered.

Increases Your Home’s Value

A home that matches the present-day market trends tends to have a higher resale value than a house that doesn’t. Upgrading your house, especially if you are planning on selling it or putting it up for rent can really help you earn a few extra bucks. Additionally, modifying the very groundwork of your kitchen can further amp up its value in the market as potential buyers tend to be attracted by a home with an upgraded kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

Most people around the world are making more sustainable choices with regard to their clothing, eating, and spending habits. The same can apply to your home’s interiors and appliances as well. Replacing outdated appliances, installing more eco-friendly lights, and fixing up the ceiling with panelling to regulate temperature are some ways of redoing your kitchen. A kitchen is believed to consume the most energy in a house and updating your kitchen can really help you pile on those energy savings. Replacing your tiles and countertops with more sustainable alternatives such as bamboo is also a recommended alternative. 

Rebuilding your kitchen can really give your favourite space in the house a more revamped and chic look, making it all the more fun to be in. You get to upgrade it to the kind of elements that reflect you and accommodate your comfort. Moreover, it can help make your space more energy-efficient and sustainable while keeping it in sync with the ever-evolving kitchen decor trends.

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