awkwardly shaped bedroom
  • 15 Jan, 2022
  • Blissspace Team

Tips on making the most out of an awkwardly shaped bedroom

Any room that doesn’t conform to the mainstream ideas of an ideal room can be described as awkwardly shaped. It can be a space that isn’t a perfect square or rectangle, has slanted walls, low ceilings, or has odd corners and spaces in between pointless folds of walls.  Furnishing and decorating such a bedroom can be challenging; having limited and irregular space for the bed, storage, dressers, armchairs, and study tables can baffle even professional interior decorators. You want your bedroom to feel like a space that you can come back to at the end of the day to rest. It needs to feel roomy, fluid, relaxing, and functional at the same time. If you’re someone looking to decorate an awkwardly shaped bedroom, take a look at these tips before you start.

Create a Blueprint for your Room

Start by narrowing down on a space for your bed and then planning its design accordingly. Where you place your bed depends on the size of your room. In a smaller room, it could take up the entire floor space, while in a bigger one you can consider multiple possibilities. The best way to go about it would be by placing it next to a window, especially if your room is small. If not, it could go under a slanted wall or in the corner of the room. The idea is to place it in a spot that feels comfortable and still leaves enough space for the rest of the furniture. Avoid going for a foldable bed unless you have to. Once you’ve figured out where to keep your bed, you can move to wardrobes. Try experimenting with fitted wardrobes or cabinets above your bed – especially under a slanted ceiling along the wall – to utilise available space efficiently. Once this is out of the way, you could find ways to add dressers and create study spaces. Play around with ideas and options before you narrow down on something. Planning can become much easier if you can customise your furniture.

Make use of all the Awkward Spaces

You shouldn’t have to empty your pockets on fixing the awkward spaces. They can offer a range of opportunities for putting some really fun furnishings in place. A sloping ceiling can make for a great spot to add a cloth hanger, and a slanted wall or a seemingly pointless nook could make for the perfect reading or studying spot. Depending on its dimensions, you could add a custom-made armchair, cushions, fitted shelves, pretty hanging lights, a foldable study platform, or even a small bureau. Be willing to sacrifice symmetry and certain furniture that doesn’t have the potential to enhance your space. Own the awkward spaces and symmetry. Try to ameliorate them by adding unusually shaped mirrors, tables, chairs, or warm lights. For instance, a three-legged table could make a great addition to a weird corner and the perfect spot to spend your mornings reading. Lastly, remember to add pieces that help add light to your room. Light can help make smaller spaces feel more spacious and airy. The idea is to modify your needs per the room’s proportions and do away with the traditional ideas of a bedroom. 

Look for Furniture with Multiple Uses

Striking balance between an aesthetic layout and a functional bedroom is essential. An ideal way to ensure this is through custom-made furniture by Blissspace. It could be a little heavy on your pocket but can offer you a bespoke room. A well-planned custom-made modular wardrobe can be a lifesaver, especially in a room with slanted walls and/or ceilings. You could have storage units under the bed, fitted wardrobes and cabinets along walls and above your bed, and so on. A mezzanine can be fun if you have high ceilings and a fitted mirror could save you some floor space. If your room is too big, you could even add floating headboards to create a separate space for study and ensure that your room is small and cosy. Apart from that, you could even find furniture that can act as barriers. A long floor shelf, when placed against a slanted nook can easily create a separate sitting alcove. 

Pick your Colours Wisely

The colours you choose to add in an awkwardly shaped bedroom can majorly influence offsetting it. Your room can go from feeling cosy to chaotic in just a few strokes of the wrong colour. Pick colours that help reflect light and make the room feel spacious and not constricted. Beiges, whites, soft yellows, blues, or even pinks can make a room feel bigger; they can also help blend the awkward shape of your room into the background. Make sure to maintain consistency in your choice of furnishings and their colours. Go for similar patterns in draperies, bedsheets, carpets, and armchair covers, and make sure they have the same shade as or complement the wall paint. You can even have a funky, vibrant-themed wall to make it the centre of attention only if it doesn’t make your room feel reduced. On the other hand, creating contrast can also influence your bedroom’s appearance. For example, beige furniture against dark navy blue walls can beget a relaxing bedroom space. However, adding bright and dark colours can be challenging. If you’re someone working with little to no experience, remember to pick consistency over a conflict in design. 

On a final note, an awkwardly shaped bedroom doesn’t have to be the end of the world. On the contrary, it can be a tabula rasa to experiment on and create a unique and personalised space. Just remember to accept the asymmetry and imperfections instead of fighting them.

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