Functional Kitchen Storage Spaces
  • 21 May, 2021
  • Blissspace Team

Functional Kitchen Storage Spaces that You May Miss Out On

The kitchen is often considered to be the busiest place in any home. With countertops usually filled with kitchen appliances and shelves overflowing with ingredients, cooking in such a cluttered space can be stress-inducing. If you have limited cabinet and counter space, feeling helpless is natural. However, rather than complaining, it is wiser to sit back and assess how you utilise your kitchen storage space. With a few smart storage strategies and easy organization hacks, you can maximise every single inch of your kitchen space and make it more functional. Here are a few ideas on enhancing your functional kitchen storage spaces that you may otherwise miss out on.

1. Venture Outside the Cabinet

While storing everyday items in upper and lower cabinets is the tried and tested method of optimising kitchen space, think outside the cabinet. Try enhancing storage space by making use of a wall instead. Hang your pans, pots, and even canisters from baskets, hooks, and floating shelves on a wall. Not only does this offer you easy access to essentials but you can also exhibit decorative bricks or tilework that could otherwise go unnoticed. You can also try a pegboard so you obtain more flexible storage space.

2. Use the Space above the Sink

If you think that the space above the sink is best left as it is because there is nothing you can do about it, there is a way to use it to your optimum advantage. A quick and easy way to make use of this space is by fixing a rectangular metal frame that is attached to the ceiling above the sink. The frame can come with hooks so you can hang your utensils, pots, and pans and dry them out.

3. Try a Tilt-down Drawer at your Sink

Since you know how to cover the space above the sink, let’s head below it. Even the tiniest nooks in your kitchen are filled with storage space ideas. For instance, having a tilt-down drawer at your sink to store sponges and home ornaments. Storing these essentials can otherwise occupy valuable counter space.

4. Look above your Door or Window

Hanging a basic shelf above the frame of your door or window is an effective way to utilise unused kitchen space. Keep bottles of wine, rarely used dishes, serving pieces, speciality cooking oils, or anything that does not require you to constantly climb up to fetch items, here.

5. Take Advantage of your Refrigerator Door

If you do not have kids around the house, the refrigerator door can also be a functional storage space. Rather than cluttering it with old bills and wedding invites, turn it into a handy storage space where you can keep small spice bottles instead. Try attaching them to the fridge by fixing magnet strips to these accessories.

6. Utilise the Top of your Fridge as a Pantry 

Always dreamt of having a pantry but your kitchen space makes it impossible to do so? Well, it may not be a full-fledged one but you can still use the top of your fridge for this purpose. Usually, the top of the fridge is used to store all kinds of equipment and accessories. This only makes the kitchen look disorganised. For a more organised look, choose a carefully curated collection of the ingredients you use the most in your kitchen. It also makes it easier to find regularly used items.

7. Do not Ignore the Lazy Susan

If you have a kitchen with a small pantry, you can make use of a Lazy Susan to the best of your advantage. Organized homeowners have these in their kitchen and swear by their utility. Having one in yours makes it easy to reach for pantry items, spices, and other small essentials that are difficult to find.

8. Other Clever Storage Space Options

You can use the sides of your cabinets to add shelves and hang pot rails. Alternatively, you can add hooks to the bottom of your cabinets to keep small tools and mugs in place. To enhance counter storage space, place shelf risers in your cabinets. Line the bottom of your bar cart, kitchen island, or any other vacant kitchen space with baskets. It not only makes storage easy but also enhances the look of your kitchen.

Knowing how you can avoid common kitchen mistakes and enhancing storage space are key elements to making sure you are left with an organised-looking kitchen. We hope incorporating these ideas will make your kitchen less chaotic and more systematic.


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