Sleek Kitchen Islands in Goa

An island makes a sleek focal point in a contemporary kitchen. It is a free-standing structure that incorporates functionality and style into the design layout. Further, it can double as extra counter space and with the addition of a couple of chairs, it makes a cosy space to get together with family and friends. Additionally, islands have cabinets and drawers that can house miscellaneous appliances and reduce visible clutter in a kitchen. Its multifaceted nature and design make it some of the best island kitchens in Goa.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the pros of having a kitchen island?

The benefits of a kitchen island are numerous. It adds a whole new workstation to a kitchen while creating storage space for various cooking appliances. Islands create room for amenities like coffee machines, blenders, microwave units and wine coolers among others. Further, hosting casual social gatherings is simplified with the extra seating that can be arranged around the island to make it an inviting meal counter for lazy days. Our best kitchen islands are both practical and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the modular kitchen.

What are the cons of having a kitchen island?

Kitchen islands take up a lot of space in the middle of the kitchen and are far from ideal for a small, compact kitchen. The wrong size can make the space feel cramped and without a purpose, can hinder your workflow. When designing your kitchen island in Goa, take into consideration its size, the placement of your work triangle, which is the interaction of the stove, sink and fridge and its purpose. Further, making provisions for wiring, venting and plumbing on the island adds to its overall cost.

I live in an old Goan house, will a kitchen island suit my kitchen?

Kitchen islands solve the problem of finding a home for all cooking appliances. Drawers, shelves and cabinets are integrated into the design of the island to maximise storage space in a modular kitchen. While you can use the island to complement the aesthetic of the kitchen, these are some appliances you can incorporate into it to amplify convenience- a built-in hob, an under-the-counter dishwasher and trash can, and a sink. Contact our design team to add these elements to your kitchen island in Goa.

What is a kitchen island used for?

Kitchen islands are multifaceted. They provide extra storage space in modular kitchens with built-in cabinets and shelves. Additionally, paired with stools or chairs, they make an inviting place for a get-together with family and friends. It also makes the perfect place for kids to feel like a part of the meal making while having them in sight. Further, islands make a separate workstation to use and store appliances like blenders, coffee machines, baking materials, etc.

If I give you a picture of a kitchen I love, can you recreate it in my home?

We sure can! Our modular kitchens in Goa are designed and built in keeping with European standards and trends.

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