High-Quality Wardrobes Customised to your needs

At Blissspace we believe in creating furniture that matches your personality; to create comfortable and luxurious spaces. Our team works tirelessly to create individually designed bespoke wardrobe solutions to match the style and vibe of your home. Our bespoke wardrobe solutions in Goa include standalone and fitted furniture, walk-in closets, cabinets and more. We liaise closely with you from concept to completion, to bring your ideas to life, allowing you to choose among a range of materials, colours, designs, door styles and interior configurations.

Elegant Handcrafted Wardrobes

We have multiple wardrobes designs that would suit the aesthetics of your interiors and match the budget.

WALKIN CLOSETKing of Storage

SLIDINGExcellent space savers

HINGEDConventional swing doors

CORNERSnugly fits angled spaces


Frequently Asked Questions

Considering getting a brand new modular kitchen in Goa? Get answers to your questions here.

Why is a modular wardrobe better than a carpenter-made one?

Getting a wardrobe made by a carpenter can be fraught with delays, unexpected expenditures, mistakes and more. Not only is it difficult to tell whether you're getting a good deal or not, but the costs keep fluctuating. Your carpenter will never tell you the downsides of working with plywood (it is easily damaged with prolonged exposure to water, it can bend or sag, that it needs additional enhancements and that the quality is questionable), and will only suggest laminates that he is comfortable working with. Your wardrobe will come with no warranty and you can bet that within 5 years, your wardrobe will be in dire need of repair or will need to be discarded. On the other hand, with modular wardrobes, what you see is what you get. You have a choice of over 500 laminates and designs, your furniture will look as good as new for decades and it will come at fixed cost. Unlike a carpenter who will need to work in your home creating dust and noise for weeks, a modular wardrobe is built in a factory and is assembled in your home in 48 hours, mess-free.

What material do you use for making modular wardrobes in Goa?

We use only high-quality plywood and HDHMR, which is waterproof, long-lasting and moisture and termite resistant.

How much of my wardrobe can I customise?

From size to interior configurations, handles to door-styles, laminates and finishes, every aspect of your wardrobe can be customised to suit the style of your home, your room and your preferences

What if the area for the wardrobe is not a perfect rectangle?

The advantage of modular wardrobes is that they are built with precision after measuring your space. So whether it's a triangular space below the staircase or an oddly shaped alcove, your made-to-measure wardrobes will fit like a glove.

What are the various door-styles I can choose from?

Some of the popular door-opening styles you can choose from are the regular hinged door, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, mirrored doors and glass doors. Each one has its own advantages, do contact our design experts for more guidance.

I have a specific budget in mind. Can Blissspace provide me a suitable quote?

Yes, we always work as per a client's budget to deliver the best customised, quality wardrobes in Goa.

If I move houses, can I take the modular wardrobe with me?

Yes, the great thing about modular wardrobes is that they are designed to be easily dismantled and reassembled, which makes them very convenient to move. When you move, you can simply disassemble the wardrobe, pack the different components securely, and transport them to your new home. At your new place, you can then reassemble the wardrobe to suit your new space. If you no longer need a particular module or compartment, you can easily remove it or reconfigure it to suit your current needs. This makes modular wardrobes a versatile and cost-effective investment for your home.

What are the advantages of a modular wardrobe?

A modular wardrobe is built in keeping with your space and your preferences. You can choose the colour, finish and laminate you like, the internal configurations, door styles, handles and more. Not only are they a smart utilization of space, but look sleek and stylish too. Modular wardrobes by Blissspace Goa come with a 10-year warranty. They are made using moisture-proof, termite-proof materials.

Can Blissspace make me a walk-in closet in Goa?

Yes, we can! If your bedroom has the space for a walk-in wardrobe, we'd love to design and build one for you

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