Modern Straight-Line Kitchens in Goa

Commonly known as the one-wall kitchen, straight-line kitchens exude convenience and practicality. The components of the work triangle, the hob, sink and fridge, are arranged in close proximity, making it easily accessible. Its minimalistic layout saves space and is the perfect option for small kitchens or secondary kitchens in larger homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the pros of having a straight-line kitchen?

The linear design promotes a clutter-free kitchen while allowing space for free and seamless movement. Further, the installation and material cost of this layout is significantly low. Since the preparation, cooking and cleaning is confined to one workstation, it is easier to maintain a neat and aesthetic kitchen.

What are the cons of having a straight-line kitchen?

A straight line kitchen is not advisable for large families as it has insufficient storage space. No more than one chef can use the kitchen at a time. The workflow is compromised because the work triangle is arranged linearly. At Blissspace, our team can design the best straight-line kitchen in Goa meant to suit and optimise the space of your kitchen. Contact us to design your space.

How will you maximise storage space in my straight-line kitchen?

Smaller kitchens need efficient storage spaces. We use a modular design to incorporate overhead and bridge cabinets, shelves and counters to optimise the space used in the room. Further, smaller appliances and lighting can be used to create an illusion of spaciousness.

What other kitchen layouts can I consider?

Blissspace designs some of the best modular kitchens in Goa. Consult our design team to ensure that you are maximising the space in your kitchen. Depending on its shape, size and preferences, you can consider our L-shaped Kitchen, U-shaped Kitchen, Open Kitchen and Peninsula Kitchen layouts.

Can I have a straight-line kitchen in a small apartment?

This layout is ideal for smaller kitchens. Its linear design and minimalist style allow for a seamless workflow, optimise space and create an airy, clutter-free kitchen.

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