A Fully Modular Kitchen that's perfectly you!

At Blissspace, we design and create custom kitchens centred around your needs, vision and space. With more than thirty years of combined experience in Europe and India, our in-house architects and designers will make sure your kitchen is the talk of your neighbourhood, while our trusted crew of tradesmen assemble it on site in 48 hours. Envisioning your dream kitchen in Goa is made easier with Blissspace! Inquire now for attractive deals on a range of fully modular kitchens, countertops, cabinets, built-in appliances, storage solutions and more.

Elegant Handcrafted Designs

We have multiple modular kitchen designs that would suit the aesthetics of your interiors and match your budget.

U-SHAPEDGreat for big families

L-SHAPEDGood for corners

PARALLELSmart use of space

StraightFor smaller kitchens

ISLANDVersatile counter space

Explore Cabinet and Countertop Finishes

With over 500+ designs, finishes and laminates to choose from, you can truly create the kitchen of your dreams with Blissspace. Get a preview of what your new kitchen will look like. Click on some of our colour and finish options to understand your preferences.

Our cabinets are made using HDHMR, a material that's moisture-proof, termite proof, is easy to maintain and lasts for decades. When it comes to countertops, take your pick from an array of materials - from Quartz to Marble, Wood to Steel, Corian and much more! The options are endless - but our design experts are there to help, every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering getting a brand new modular kitchen in Goa? Get answers to your questions here.

What's included in the price of a kitchen?

With Blissspace Goa, your kitchen upgrade can be as small or as large as you like. Some clients enlist our services merely to give their cabinets a fresh new look, while for others, we go all-in and renovate from scratch, installing cabinets, shutters, countertops, drawers, knobs/handles, lighting, accessories, sinks, taps, appliances, backsplashes and more. Our kitchens are installed in your home, ready to use, and our prices include all materials, hardware, furnishing, components of your modular kitchen, installation fees etc

How do I schedule a consultation at Blissspace Modular Furniture Showroom Goa?

To schedule a consultation, simply fill up the 'Contact Us' form on our website and our team will get in touch with you immediately. You could also walk into Blissspace, Goa's best modular kitchen showroom located in Panjim, and talk to our team directly. Lastly, you can Whatsapp us or call us on +91 9607980784 to either talk to an expert or fix an appointment.

How much time will it take to design my kitchen?

Once you speak to our experts and explain your needs, vision and requirements, our team visits your home to measure your kitchen space. Doing so will help us design your new kitchen in 3D with precision and will give you an accurate idea of what your kitchen will look like. Next, you can confirm to go ahead with the design or suggest edits that you would like and we will work on the design until you are delighted with the results. This process takes around 1 week.

I live outside India, but I own a property in Goa. Can Blissspace do up my kitchen?

Yes, we can. Our designers and executives are trained to manage consultations via email, chat and video. If you desire a kitchen renovation in Goa, you have come to the right place as we provide the best modular kitchens in Goa, without any hassles.

Can I clean the cabinets using water?

Yes, you can use a damp cloth to clean the cabinets and shutters. Your new modular cabinets are moisture-resistant and any spills and stains can be wiped off with ease.

How many colour choices do you have at Blissspace Goa?

We have a collection of 1000+ colours, designs, textures and finishes to select from

Will this kitchen last?

At Blissspace, Goa's biggest modular furniture store, we offer a 10-yr warranty. We build kitchens using HDHMR, which is moisture and termite proof, and lasts for generations.

How do I know what wood you use for your furniture?

We use only high-quality plywood and HDF, which is waterproof, long-lasting and moisture and termite resistant.

If I give you a picture of a kitchen I love, can you recreate it in my home?

Absolutely! At Blissspace, our expert team specializes in bringing your dream kitchen designs to life. If you have a picture of a kitchen that you love, we can definitely work with you to recreate it in your own home. Our skilled designers will carefully analyze the picture, taking note of the layout, color scheme, materials, and other crucial elements. They will then collaborate with you to understand your specific requirements and preferences. Using a combination of high-quality materials, custom modular solutions, and skilled craftsmanship, we will strive to recreate the kitchen of your dreams within your budget and space constraints. Trust us to transform your vision into reality and create a beautiful, functional kitchen that reflects your personal style.

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