Built-in appliances for modern kitchens

Ease your cooking experience with modern, built-in kitchen appliances that blend into your kitchen design. We partner with the top brands like Hafele, Hettich, Blanco and more to install the best appliances ranging from turbo chimneys to built-in hobs, microwaves, wine chillers, ovens and refrigerators in every project. We also customise kitchens appliances like built-in coffee machines, dishwashers and more that cater to every client's requirements. Visit our showroom to discover our range of appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are built-in appliances safe?

Our team of experts install all electrical appliances with safe-guarded wiring to ensure no safety hazards in our kitchens.

How long do the appliances last?

We partner with the top brands like Hafele, Hettich, Blanco and more to ensure durability of the appliances for decades to come. We also assure our durability with a 10 year warranty* on every project.

What is the difference between regular and built-in appliances?

The main difference between regular appliances and built in appliances is the installation. While regular appliances are easy to move around, built in appliances are installed with the kitchen modules to provide extra space. Built-in kitchen appliances are housed inside kitchen cabinets, giving your kitchen a seamless and modern appearance. This means - no more unattractive appliances (often in different colors) standing out in different parts of the kitchen

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