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  • 20 Mar, 2020
  • Blissspace Team

Organized Homeowners Have These Things In Their Kitchens – Do You?

At Blissspace, we obsess over picture-perfect kitchens on Instagram. As India’s leading modular kitchen brand, the inspiration that we get from our scrolling through social media, and peeking at kitchens around the world, is unmatched. Organized Homeowners have kitchens, with multiple island units, sprawling counter space, and well-stocked supplies are the stuff our dreams are made of, but we know that reality can be quite different, especially given the space constraints and design sensibilities of Indian homes.

Most of our clients have similar woes – limited storage, no counter space, and overflowing clutter. It’s our job to know what super-organized kitchens have in common – right from clever storage solutions to problem-solving hacks – and of late, these are the organized kitchen hacks we’re loving:

Have your Utensils on or over the Counter, instead of in the Drawers

Most of us have drawers full of cooking utensils like wooden spoons, spatulas, scoopers, whisks, tenderizers, and the like. If you have limited counter space or drawer storage, consider making use of the walls to hang up pots, pans, serving spoons, and other cooking utensils like vegetable peelers, kitchen scissors, soup ladles, etc. A smart-looking wall-mounted rack makes for a very Pinterest-y corner, especially if you have a colourful collection.

Make use of Sleek Containers

You’ve probably noticed that the packaging in which your non-perishables groceries come in gives the impression of added clutter. We’re talking about cereal boxes, rice bags, plastic packs of sugar, pulses or flour, packages of pasta, and more. Invest in clear canisters to keep your pantry organized by knowing exactly what’s inside. The term ‘decanting’ is gaining popularity and is a game-changer for organized homeowners. It helps you get rid of visual clutter by shelf packaging and is great for those who buy in bulk. Rather than storing extra-large boxes on your shelves, decant your produce into usable jars and refill when you need to.

Use the Lazy Susan in just about Every Cabinet

A Lazy Susan, also called a rotating tray or a turntable, is one of the best organization hacks for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Professional organizers swear by this handy tool that helps you access things in hard-to-reach places without you having to take everything out and put it back again. Pick a lazy Susan that has two or three trays on top of each other to get more items to fit in a smaller space and create clutter-free storage. Use separate ones to place your cleaning supplies, kitchen sauces, spices, baking essentials, medicine bottles, and bathroom toiletries… the uses for them are endless.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Many Indian kitchens only have cabinets that stop below the countertop, leaving the vertical space unused. If you have high-ceilings, consider using modular cabinets built in to match the look of your existing ones. You can even choose to have open shelves for lesser used items like decorative kitchen items, cookbooks, special occasion pieces, kitchen herbs, and other plants that add a touch of freshness.

Display your Kitchen-Ware

Items that are beautiful, as well as functional, are extra wins in our books. If you have kitchenware that’s too pretty to hide away, use them as décor instead. A marble mortar and pestle, a beautiful wooden cheeseboard, a collection of wooden spoons, or an ethnic bowl from your travels in which you can store fresh fruit are great examples.

Get Creative with Glassware

The problem with glassware is that it occupies a large majority of your kitchen storage space. Items like wine glasses, beer mugs, and other glass pieces are among the least used items. When you consider their usage on a daily basis. Save your precious storage for oft-used items and get creative with displaying your glassware. Hang wine glasses upside down, bar-style, or under high cupboards to free up more space for plates, utensils, and dinnerware.

Pick up some of these tricks from Organized Homeowners and use them to overhaul your own with ease. The perfect kitchen awaits!

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