Storage solutions for a modular kitchen

At Blissspace, we design and create custom kitchens with modular solutions centred around your needs, vision and space. Our modular cabinets match European standards and are made with high-density and high moisture resistance (HDHMR) materials that are sturdy, termite proof and easy to maintain. Visit our showroom in Panjim and choose from over 500+ laminates and finishes for your kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets are then factory-made with precision and assembled on site, complete with smartly engineered kitchen corner storage solution, drawers and pull-out shelves and doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering a premium kitchen with modular cabinets in Goa? Get the answers to your questions below.

Can we choose a particular finishing for the cabinets?

Blissspace offers a range of over 500 laminates and finishes to choose from and we customise every kitchen with your choice of laminates and hardware along with the design made specifically by our designers for your space. Visit our showroom to browse through our selection or consult our team of experts who will provide a look and feel of all materials, and help you select the best solutions for your kitchen.

What is the best material for cabinets?

Blissspace only provides modules with the best quality materials. Each material has their own advantages, and our team of experts are here to guide you with selecting the material that meets all your requirements.

Will the cabinets get damaged with moisture or termites?

All Blissspace cabinets are made with high-density and high moisture resistance (HDHMR) materials to assure that your modules are moisture and termite proof.

If I move houses, can my cabinets be disassembled and moved to my new home?

Our cabinets (and kitchens, in general) are tailor-made for a space, right down to the milimeter. If you move homes, it is unlikely that the configurations of your existing space will match that of your new space so precisely. Hence, it is not possible to have your kitchen cabinetry shifted from home to home.

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