Sturdy countertops with sleek designs

For every Blissspace kitchen, we build multi-functional platforms with countertops that are sleek and easy to clean with a single swipe. With a wide range of countertop materials ranging from quartz, marble, HDHMR and more available, our team of experts guides you with selecting the best one to match your space and requirements. Visit our showroom for a look and feel of all our countertop options, and for expert advice on each material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the materials, durability and maintenance of countertops? Find the answers to your questions below.

Do kitchen countertops get stained easily?

All our countertops are made with durable materials that are stain resistant and easy to clean. That said, we advise caring for them well by not placing hot items directly on the suface, and clearing up food and liquid spills quickly. Consult our team of experts for a look and feel on all our countertop materials along with it's benefits.

Can I select an online design for countertops in my kitchen?

Talk to our team of experts about the designs you have in mind. We will take you through the look and feel of all the materials and help you select a design that meets your requirements.

Which material is the best for countertops?

Each material has it's own benefits. For example, granite is tough and non-porous, soapstone has unique veining patterns and is stain-resistant, marble is attractive and long-lasting, quatrz is easy to maintain and HDMHR has virtually invisible sealing. Our team of experts will guide you with the benefits of every material and help you with the selection process of the countertop that fits your requirements. Visit our showroom today.

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