Bespoke Semi Modular Kitchens

If you already have kitchen platforms that you want to retain, we'll incorporate it into a bespoke design that you'll love. Our semi-modular kitchens are a popular choice when you want to keep the budget down without compromising on style. Be it in an old house or a new apartment, having a semi-modular kitchen doesn't mean you have to compromise on smart storage and style. Renovation projects are made easier with Blissspace Goa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering getting a brand new kitchen in Goa? Get answers to your questions here.

What are semi-modular kitchens ?

Unlike fully modular kitchens, semi-modular kitchens are built on-site and are not readily assembled. They are not composed of individual cabinets; each cabinet has common sides with the adjoining cabinet. Yet another feature is that they have built-in granite countertops. Semi-modular kitchens are a hybrid of fully modular kitchens and carpentered kitchens. More often than not, they offer the best of both worlds! Blissspace is the best kitchen showroom and is both a semi-modular and modular kitchen manufacturer in Goa.

I want a modular kitchen, but I do not wish to get rid of my granite countertops.

You can retain any part of your kitchen that you wish to, including your countertops based on the placement. If you'd like to retain your worktops, you can opt for a semi-modular kitchen. Head to our gallery to browse through some of Goa's most stylish kitchens with granite countertops.

What are the advantages of semi-modular kitchens?

One of the biggest advantages of semi-modular kitchens in Goa is that they can be customised at a module level. This means that you can change the height, breadth, and width of a unit to a large extent, as unit sizes are not standardized. Arguably the greatest advantage of a semi-modular kitchen is the lowered cost. We provide a variety of semi-modular and modular kitchen designs in Goa.

How much does a semi-modular kitchen cost in Goa?

The price of a kitchen depends on various factors - such as the size, materials, accessories, hardware and other products used in the kitchen. We have delivered kitchens ranging from ?1,50,000 to ?20,00,000. For more information and a custom quote, please get in touch with us

How long would it take to install my new kitchen?

A kitchen can take anywhere from 30 days to 75 days to be complete. This includes measurements, creating a 3D design, edits, manufacturing and installation. However this does not mean that our tradesmen will be in your home for that long. The assembly of the kitchen would take only around 45 hours, so you have a stress-free, mess-free experience.

What is the life of a Blissspace semi-modular kitchen?

We offer a 10 year warranty, however, we know of several customers who have used our kitchens for much longer!

What are the different kitchen layout options you offer?

We offer parallel, straight, U-shaped, L-shaped and island kitchens, depending on your kitchen layout. Our kitchens are completely customised to suit your personality, your needs and the style of your home.

Why should I opt for a Blissspace kitchen?

Our semi-modular kitchens are designed to incorporate all your cooking and storage needs. We offer over 500+ options in finishes and designs. They are factory made and, therefore, come with precise dimensions, ready to assemble in your home within 48 hours, hassle free. Every component of your kitchen is made using moisture and termite-resistant materials and every inch of space is smartly used, helping you make the most of your space with pull out cabinets, built-in appliances and more. Lastly, they come with a 10-year warranty.

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