What is a 'Magic Corner' in a Kitchen and what can it be used for?

Blissspace Team | 11 June , 2022

Do you have those tough-to-reach corners in your kitchen cabinetry? Regardless of how efficient the rest of your drawers and cupboards are, there will be a corner that is always difficult to utilise. You could add bottle or jar pull-outs, but they might not be as efficient as magic corners. A modular kitchen is never complete without an efficient kitchen magic corner that effortlessly uses up the dead spaces.

What are Magic Corners in a Kitchen?

Kitchen Magic corners are tray systems installed into the difficult-to-reach corners of a modular kitchen cabinet setup. Typically, it is a set of trays that use up the entire space while still being easy to access. The trays are positioned by a sliding system along the walls or doors. This system facilitates ease of access to these trays without having to really try too hard. The effective utilisation of space and their almost automated operation is what makes these corners “magic”.

The mechanism for the functioning of the magic corners is simple to understand. The ensembles consist of four trays - two that are attached to the door and two that can be pulled out with the help of a sliding mechanism. This can be taken a step ahead by adding a sliding framework to the trays attached to the door. This way you can easily access the trays on the inside without having to go through awkward yoga positions. Apart from that, there are several other ways to install a magic corner depending on your needs and the dead space available.

What can Kitchen Magic Corners be used for?

Magic corners come with a bunch of benefits, especially for smaller kitchens. These range from storage optimisation to cost savings and many more. Here are some ways to make the best of your magic corner:

1. Storage of Utensils

Your magic corner’s features may vary depending on the dimensions of space available. Most trays installed are big enough to chuck in a few essential or completely unnecessary utensils. Depending on how you want to use the space, you can store your cutlery, ceramics, ketchup bottles, pots and pans, and so on. The best thing about magic corners is that their operation is seamless enough to grab things quickly.

2. Building a Secret Emergency Pantry

If you have enough cabinetry for all your essential supplies, then the magic corner can easily function as a secret emergency pantry. It can either be your guilty-pleasure snacks or canned foods that would help make you through a rainy day.

3. A Magic Corner for All Essentials

Since the magic corner is easy to access and effortless to operate, it can make for a wonderful “grab-and-go” corner. You can stack in all your everyday-use cutlery, pots, cups, and plates. Apart from that, you can also store the spices, sauces, and condiments that you might require in your daily cooking.

4. Extension to your Under-sink Units

Often, the dead corners are found right next to the under-sink units. An efficient magic corner could be equipped with cleaning supplies such as a dishwasher, scrubs, gloves, soap, and so on. This way you won’t have to go hunting for them since they are stored right next to the sink.

What are the benefits of Kitchen Magic Corners?

The best bit about magic corners is that they help optimise space while utilising space that could have completely been wasted. They can make your kitchen roomier by easing off the burden to add more cabinets. This is great for compact kitchens where floor space or wall cabinets might not be the best solution. Moreover, magic corners are generally more cost-effective than other modular kitchen installations. However, it is important to take care of them since the design of the mechanisms makes them prone to damage caused by wear and tear.

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