Space Saving Tips for Small Wardrobes

Blissspace Team | 18 April , 2024

When living in a small place, making the most of every square inch matters. Although things can get messy in life, your wardrobe doesn't have to.

This is especially true for small wardrobes, where neatness of arrangement can make all the difference between a stress-free morning ritual and complete disarray of clothes. But worry not—with the aid of a few simple organizers and some modest closet organization ideas, you can still achieve the boutique-worthy display of your dreams.

These wardrobe organization ideas are suitable for any size, so you will find them beneficial regardless of your square footage.

Continue reading the following practical, space-saving strategies by Blissspace for making the most of your small wardrobe.

Fold your Clothes Appropriately 

Folding your clothes correctly is the first step towards creating more room in your wardrobe. In addition to reducing wrinkles and preserving the quality of clothing, folding shirts, sweaters, and pants correctly increases the amount of goods that can fit on a shelf. Although rolling drawers can be a terrific way to store them, you can fold tops neatly to save as much space as possible by utilizing a folding board.

Use The Container Store Clear Shelf Divider 

Clear shelf dividers take up minimal space, fit easily on most standard shelves, and help keep clothes stacks neat and organized. Instead of unsightly mounds of sweaters cluttering your shelves and being creased and wrinkled, use these affordable dividers to keep everything organized.

Utilize the Wall Space Wisely 

If you just have a few shelves in your small wardrobe, make the most of the available space by using the walls. Only utilize the shelves for objects that cannot be stored in any other ways, and hang hats, bags, and jewelry on the wall. They will not only provide you with useful storage space, but they will also act as decorative pieces.

Hang a shelf

Small wardrobes usually have inclined walls, making it difficult to access every nook and hole. Maximize your limited wall space by hanging shorter-length multi-purpose shelves that can accommodate boxes, stacks of clothes, and hangers.

Utilize the Backside of Your Door

When it comes to organizing a small wardrobe, the backs of the wardrobe doors are prime examples of unused area. To make the best use of this area, invest in the correct organizer. Look for a solid piece that can easily accommodate your go-to accessories like hats, scarves, and shoes.

 Use wall hooks 

Wall hooks are one of the most effective storage solutions for a small wardrobe. They are affordable, can be hung anywhere, offer a decorative element, and can hold a wide range of objects, including sun hats, crossbody purses, belts, and bathrobes.

Hang the Storage Containers 

Try using storage containers that can be hung from an existing clothing rod if you're on a tight budget or live in a rental where structural modifications aren't permitted. Numerous solutions are available to keep your shoes, clothes, jewelry, and athletic equipment off the ground and neatly arranged.

Install Storage Containers 

Utilize storage containers to make the most of any cubbie-style shelving in your small closet. Because of their size and form, things frequently fall and become lodged in the rear of the shelf, making messes and taking up more space than necessary.

By using storage bins made of cloth, plastic, or woven materials, you may easily find what you need by pulling out the entire container. Bins containing more seasonal and infrequent items should be positioned higher or closer to the ground, while those containing the most frequently used items should be placed where they are easiest to reach.

Place an Organizer Over the Door 

Investing in an affordable over-the-door organizer is one of the finest methods to provide your small wardrobe a substantial amount of extra storage space. Usually, it has compartments made of clear plastic or cloth that are organized vertically or horizontally. In a bathroom wardrobe, use them to store shoes, seasonal accessories like scarves and gloves, or additional toiletries.

Make sure your cute and small wardrobe exudes a sleek and streamlined outlook. If you too dream to have ample space while storing your clothes without physically or aesthetically encroaching the living area, soon get in touch with Blissspace.

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