Ideas for Enhancing Natural Light in Your Kitchen

Blissspace Team | 29 May , 2024

Having natural light entering into your kitchen always feels great! After all, who would like to have a cramped gloomy space in their home? It is often seen, especially in older homes that the kitchen lacks natural daylight in contrast to dining and living rooms.

Why is Kitchen Lighting Necessary?

We need to understand the significance of proper lighting in a kitchen is the most vital factor to consider in the first place. Proper lighting will have an impact on the functionality and overall atmosphere of the area. You must plan your lighting such that both your working and cooking areas are well-lit. This will improve efficiency and productivity when cooking, cutting veggies, and performing other tasks.

When installing your new modular kitchen, choose designs that make good use of natural light. The design should allow for the maximum amount of natural light to enter your kitchen. If feasible, retain doors and windows in your kitchen to allow for the most natural light possible. 

Utilizing natural light will also help you save energy. If your kitchen lacks sunlight, the following innovative techniques by Blissspace will help you let the sun in.

Replace the Back Door 

Sometimes all it takes to bring extra light into the kitchen is to replace the back door with a glass door. Doors have a huge surface area, allowing for a lot of light to enter the room. Barn doors are ideal for the kitchen because they offer for greater flexibility in how far the door may open.

If you have dogs or small children, keep the bottom half of the door wood, and just use glass on the top half. Replace the entire door with glass. If you have the space, French doors are an excellent choice. If your doors go out into a utility area, make sure it provides a beautiful view with planted herbs and flowers.

Installation of Layered Lighting 

If you only have one light source in your kitchen, it may appear dark. This will cause problems and challenges while working daily. To avoid this, consider several light sources. Creating a well-lit modular kitchen entails incorporating multiple layers of lighting.

Over-Sink Window 

A window over a sink allows light in while also providing a view when doing dishes. If your view is less than optimal, such as a drab garden wall, plant a creeper to transform it into a lush green wall. If privacy is an issue, try installing textured or sandblasted glass, which allows light to pass through while avoiding nosy neighbors' stares. A window sill near a sink is ideal for storing indoor herbs.

Tiny Windows Between Cabinets 

What if you only have a limited amount of window space? Add tiny windows nestled between higher cabinets and shelves to bring much-needed natural light into your kitchen. This can add natural light to any kitchen space. Consider how light enters the room through both artificial and natural illumination.

Light From Adjacent Room 

Open-plan living is in vogue and could be the solution to a dark and cramped kitchen space. By removing a wall between the kitchen and a light-filled adjacent area, such as the dining room, you can visually extend the space while also maximizing natural light. If you're not interested in completely eliminating a wall, consider adding a glass wall to let light in. Even a single glass pane at the top of a wall can significantly increase light levels in a dark area.

Add Light Tunnels 

Even if your kitchen does not have direct access to your home's roof, light tunnels allow you to get some sunlight from the ceiling.

Light tunnels are reflecting tubes that run between a room and the roof. Once placed, these tubes direct light into the room while also diffusing sunlight. Light tunnels are ideal for ambient lighting because they provide diffused illumination.

Harnessing natural light in your kitchen not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also elevates functionality and energy efficiency. Whether through strategic window placements, innovative door designs, or incorporating light tunnels, there are various ways to infuse your kitchen with the warmth and brightness of natural light. 

At Blissspace, our team is dedicated to crafting modular kitchen designs that optimize natural light utilization while catering to your unique preferences and lifestyle. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your kitchen into a space that seamlessly blends beauty with functionality.

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