Stay Cool in the Kitchen: Tips for Beating the Summer Heat While Cooking

Blissspace Team | 29 May , 2024

Managing cooking during peak summertime with soaring temperatures and scorching heat is undeniably a very testing task. With our key summer cooking ideas, you will be able to get through mealtime without breaking a sweat. Learn how to stay cool while cooking during even the hottest heat waves with light and refreshing meals and smart kitchen practices.

When cooking in the heat, there are two fundamental things to consider: the kitchen tools or gadgets you choose to utilize and the method by which you prepare and cook. Choosing the correct cooking utensils will help keep your kitchen from heating up even more, and using smart methods can help you make the most of the time you do spend preparing your meals.

Always Plan in Advance 

Set a specific day that suits your schedule for shopping for the whole week. Do any cooking that requires an oven or a stove all at once, and then freeze or refrigerate your meal to warm up in the microwave when you are ready to have your meal.

During a heat wave, the temperature changes from high to low during the day. That means you may save a lot of sweat by preparing ahead of time and completing the majority of your meal prep when it's naturally cooler, such as in the morning or at night—even if those aren't customary supper prep hours.

Cook Easy Dishes 

Cooking can involve a lot of movement — from the fridge to the sink to the chopping board to the oven, and back again in numerous versions throughout the process. Combine all of that legwork with a little tension (which, let's face it, might emerge when attempting dishes that require new techniques or have a lot of stages), and you're ready to get yourself cooked in the heat. 

A well-designed kitchen can significantly reduce the stress and physical strain of cooking even complex dishes. The Golden Triangle principle is crucial here. Consider the placement of your refrigerator, sink, and stovetop. Ideally, these three essential work zones should form a triangle to minimize wasted steps during food prep, cooking, and cleaning. Additionally, smart storage solutions and clear counter space are essential. Utilize pull-out drawers and lower cabinets for pots, pans, and dishes, while keeping frequently used items within easy reach. 

Store spices and condiments near the cooking zone for quick access. With these design elements in place, cooking becomes more efficient, especially when combined with recipes featuring easy steps and few ingredients. Opt for basic recipes that can be prepared with minimal labor and heat, saving complex dishes for when you have more time and energy.

Use Exhaust Fan or Chimney 

If you use your oven, make sure the exhaust fan (or chimney) is set to full tilt. Most people equate exhaust systems with reducing smoke, but these fans above the oven also absorb a lot of heat. A well-fitted exhaust fan, integrated seamlessly into your kitchen design, can be a game-changer.

It effectively eliminates heat, smoke, and smells, resulting in a comfortable cooking atmosphere.  This not only improves your experience but also complements your kitchen's functionality. Exhaust fans can quickly cool off areas that have been overheated from activities such as cooking and showering. Hot air is vented outdoors, lowering the temperature in the space.

There are a variety of exhaust fans and chimneys to choose from.  Sleek, modern downdraft vents can disappear into the countertop when not in use, while classic chimney hoods can add a touch of sophistication.  The key is to select a unit that complements your kitchen's overall design while maximizing its ability to remove heat, smoke, and odors.

Use of Gadgets 

Minimizing the use of the oven and stove might help you prevent overheating your kitchen. Small appliances can cook your meals just as well as larger appliances, but they produce less heat. Consider using an air fryer instead of a wall oven or a panini press instead of the cooktop.

You would be astonished at how useful little appliances can be. Your slow cooker and Instant Pot may be used for more than simply soups and stews in the winter. Consider easy summer meals that you can prepare on your countertop.

Work During the Cooler Hours 

Cooking in your kitchen while it's already hot outside (and possibly hot inside) can just increase the temperature. Plan ahead of time and schedule your cooking sessions for when the weather is less hot. 

The best times to cook to avoid the heat are in the early morning or late in the evening. That may seem easier said than done, but you could bake bread in the morning or cook meats and pasta dishes while preparing breakfast or an early meal so they are ready for dinner.

Restrict the Use of Lights 

Sunlight, as well as artificial inside light, can generate heat, and every degree matters in the summer. Dim the lights, close any curtains or blinds, and minimize the number of lights you use. You do not need to work in the dark, but be cautious about turning on too many overhead lights.

Prioritize windows that allow ample natural light during the day, and consider skylights or light tubes for strategic bursts of daylight in areas that lack windows. Replace overhead lights with task lighting focused on specific work areas like the stovetop, sink, and countertop, and choose LED lights for their energy efficiency and minimal heat output. Look for fixtures with dimmers to further control light intensity based on your needs. 

Explore smart home systems that allow you to control lights remotely and set schedules, ensuring lights are off during the hottest parts of the day or when not in use.

It's been a terrific beginning of the summer, with blistering heat spreading across the country. Working in a kitchen under this heat might be very difficult. Whether you prefer cooking at home or are a food enthusiast, you would definitely like your kitchen to be both comfortable and functional throughout the hot summer months. 

The above tips by experts at Blissspace will assist your modular kitchen design be ready for summer. Transform your kitchen into a soothing and energetic area. 


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