Steps and Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

Blissspace Team | 24 March , 2021

In most homes, kitchen countertops are wiped clean after every meal has been cooked, but kitchen cabinets don’t always get the attention they deserve. If they’re lucky, most kitchen cabinets get a thorough cleaning perhaps once a year. All that built-up residue that’s diligently wiped off countertops tend to build up on cabinets, and over time, causes bacteria build-up.

Keeping your kitchen spotless isn’t the tedious task it’s made out to be.

Here are some effective steps and tips to clean and maintain your kitchen cabinets:

Steps to Deep Clean your Cabinet Exteriors


Step 1: Get your Cleaning Solutions Ready

While there are a variety of cleaning agents available in the market, not all of them would be suited to your cabinets. Many contain chemicals that may not work well with treated wood and some even react with surfaces, spoiling the finish. While for most cabinets a soapy solution or even a home-prepared solution of warm water and vinegar does the job, having backup cleaners too, such as baking soda solution, can come in handy.

Step 2: Wipe your Way Down

The trick in cleaning your kitchen cabinets is to begin from the top and work your way down. To do this make use of a microfibre cloth, dip it in a cleaning solution and wipe the exterior of the cabinet gently. Slowly move to the sides, bottom, and across the surface. Wipe away any grease that might have gathered. Make sure you don’t press too hard as it might damage the material.

Step 3: Remove Grease, Fingerprints, and Food Splatters

While cleaning you will find food splatters, liquid stains, fingerprint smudges, and more on the cabinets which refuse to budge even after a proper wipe down. Such sticky and oily residues leave behind unsightly marks on the cabinet doors, even on the handles. Using a 50-50 solution of water and vinegar works well, on repeating several times the grease does come out. If this doesn’t work, try using a paste of baking soda and water.

Step 4: Dry the Cabinets

Once the cabinets are cleaned make sure to run a cloth to wipe off any moisture that is left behind. Droplets of water that haven’t been wiped off can cause discolouration over time and attract dust.

Step 5: Carefully Clean Glass, Mirrors, and Handles

Mirrors and glass fittings are prone to getting smudges. Avoid spraying liquid cleaners directly onto the surfaces as it leaves behind soap stains. Instead, spraying a glass cleaner liquid onto a cloth and wiping gently is best. Dipping a toothbrush in lukewarm water to clean the fine crevices can give it a polished and neat look. These are also great tips for caring for your granite countertop.

Steps to Deep Clean your Cabinet Interiors


Step 1: Clear Out the Cabinets

Remove all the contents from the cabinets including any old newspapers or mats that are placed on the shelves.

Step 2: Wipe the Shelves

Before you wipe the shelves, use a duster or even a dry cloth to quickly dust the inner compartments of the cabinets to get rid of any cobwebs or dust that might have gathered. Then clean the inside walls of the cabinet. Use a warm damp cloth by spraying a cleaning solution onto it, and wipe the sides and corners properly. After this, run a dry cloth over the side walls to soak up any residual drops of water or cleaning solution that might be left behind.

Step 3: Remove Any Grease

For cabinets that are placed relatively near a stove, there is a tendency for slime or sticky covering to build up on the wood over time. If not cleaned properly, it begins moulding. Do not scrape the grease off as it can cause the wood to get damaged, instead make use of a toothbrush. Dip the bristles in a soapy solution and run it over the mouldy surface for the residue can loosen up.

Step 4: Place all the Contents of the Cabinets Back into Place

The final task is arranging all the contents back into place. First, make sure you segregate all the empty containers and throw away any expired tins and unnecessary items. Before you arrange things onto the shelves, wipe all the tins, cans, and containers properly.

Tips For Keeping Kitchen Cabinets Clean Longer

1) Dust cabinets every two weeks to get rid of dust or cobwebs that might have been gathered.

2) Wipe the exterior of the cabinets with a warm cloth. It should lessen the need for deep cleaning.

3) Clean up spills instantly instead of leaving them behind. The longer the contents remain, the thicker the layer of grime is, making it difficult to clean.

4) Move appliances like toasters, mixers, and coffee filters to a place away from cabinets. Any spillage that occurs won’t directly fall onto the cabinets, saving you time from additional cleaning.

By following these tips you won’t have to deep clean your kitchen cabinets constantly, but you can do it when you’re more relaxed. A little cleaning once in a while can make a big difference. A little maintenance can transform the look of your entire kitchen. If you feel that your cabinets are a little dated, here are 6 types of kitchen cabinets to transform your ordinary kitchen.

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