Tips to Create a Retro Style Kitchen

Blissspace Team | 29 August , 2022

Elements that serve as a blast from the past can make for perfect home decor. A retro or vintage look will add a touch of class and sophistication to your living space. Moreover, picking up on past trends makes for a wonderful conversation starter when you host house parties. If you are looking at ideas for home remodelling, here are some tips to create a retro-style kitchen:

Consider Mid-Century Home Decor

A home furnishing style that made an appearance post World War II, mid-century focuses on simplicity and colour pops. Apart from that, the decor was mainly made using teak, glass or vinyl. If you go furniture hunting, consider elements with rounded edges and random colour accents to introduce a mid-century style to your home. Sectionals, rugs and tables are some of the most popular pieces of modern mid-century decor. However, pick pieces that complement each other and make your room look like an elegant unit.

Bring in the Retro-Style Colour Pop

Halfway through the 20th century, pastel-coloured accents saw a major fan following. You can create a retro-style kitchen by picking appliances, lights, and cabinetry with funky pastel pops. Apart from that, you can even put in solid pastel blocks here and there. You can paint your cabinet doors in soft pinks or yellows, the bar stools in pastel greens or the cutlery in a cerulean blue - they would all look super retro. Kitchen decor in chrome was really popular during the 50s and it is time that it makes a comeback.

Go Crazy with the Backsplash

The backsplash is one element that usually goes unnoticed in a kitchen. If you want to bring back a retro-style kitchen, play around with the backsplash. You can paint it in funky colours, add vibrant vinyl wallpapers, switch to hexagon tiles, or have them in a bright mosaic pattern- anything that shamelessly stands out. Depending on the colour palette of your kitchen walls, you can either make the backsplash colourful or entirely white. Penny tiles are a perfect way to have a DIY retro kitchen while saving a few bucks.

Pickup those Nostalgic Elements

The return of the retro style is all about creating nostalgia. Adding old advertisements as posters in your home can help you do that. Vintage signs with cute sayings are perfect retro-style elements since they come with stories and memories. Moreover, going out to hunt for original pieces will turn out to be an adventure of its own. You could hang up these signs or recreate fridge-magnet versions of them - the idea is to place them in a visible spot.

Did you Forget the Retro Lights?

If retro lights make you think of disco, you are on the right path. Vintage lights from the mid-20th century were made in metal and sported futuristic geometric shapes. Apart from that, they featured colourful metal cases, tinted glass, and a filament bulb. Go for minimalist chandelier-like hanging lights with yellow lights and plenty of glass. You can hang them over your dining or bar area for the perfect retro touch.

Bring those Vintage Pieces to your Home

While vintage home decor might be difficult to find, a worn-out chair, cutlery that has lost its shine or faded ceramic plates are perfect for retro-style home decor. You can go to your local market, a flea market, or that antique store in your town to pick up vintage decor pieces. Apart from that, you could even source vintage lights, door knobs, and shelves for your retro-style kitchen.

Creating a retro-style kitchen is one of the best ways to remodel your home. The theme brings a splash of vibrance and keeps your living spaces cheerful. That said, it can be easy to make your home feel chaotic instead of calming with retro-style elements. Seek guidance from experts at Blissspace to make the best of introducing the vintage into your modern home.

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