5 Ways to Make Your Simple Kitchen Look Tasteful

Blissspace Team | 16 April , 2021

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen daily from cooking, cleaning and even eating. However, many times your kitchen finds itself being overlooked and neglected. Sometimes renovations are necessary for a kitchen makeover, but at other times, especially if you are on a budget, there are other options to explore. There are many ways to make your simple kitchen look tasteful, and perhaps spruce it up a little with a tasteful spin. We have compiled a list of both small and big ways that you can transform or remodel your kitchen.

Here are 5 ways to make your simple kitchen look tasteful.

1.Paint Your Old Cabinets

Most of us barely pay any attention to our cabinets for the simple fact that we see them every day. This could be one of the reasons your kitchen may look overly simple and even, on occasion, dull. Painting your old and tired cabinets could be a great way to liven up your kitchen and give it a fresh new look. You can even choose to paint them yourself for a cost-effective solution. While you’re giving your cabinets a fresh new look, follow these steps and tips to deep-clean your kitchen cabinets on the inside.

2.Spruce Up Your Kitchen Lighting

The first thing you notice when you walk into the kitchen is the lighting. A well-lit kitchen surpasses a dull and dreary one. However, even if your kitchen is bright and well lit, the type of lights you buy and use can make a big difference. If you are still using older lighting such as fluorescent tubes, installing new lighting fixtures such as LEDs is advised. Even though LED lights are expensive, they save a lot of energy and are long-lasting.

Hanging lights are also a great addition. They come in a vast number of shapes, sizes and styles which add personality and taste to your kitchen. Lower hanging lights, floodlights and sconces are a good option for darker areas of your kitchen. There is no limit on where you can install a light fixture. Installing fixtures over basins, islands and breakfast nooks create an illusion of space and are also useful.

3.Maximize the Height of Your Furniture

Sometimes space restrictions, especially in a smaller kitchen restricts you from lavishly decorating and making your kitchen look tasteful. Therefore it is necessary to use up all of the space at your disposal. Invest in taller, full-length furniture, which gives the illusion of a bigger and grander kitchen. Broader windows are a great option to make your kitchen look tasteful while also increasing ventilation. This could be vital to keeping your kitchen cool during the summer. Additionally, full-length cabinets and cupboards are not only aesthetically pleasing but also, a great way to maximize storage space. If you are also looking at how to maximise space and storage in a small bedroom read our blog to know more.

4.Give Your Walls a Makeover

Much like your kitchen cabinets, your walls play a huge role in the way your kitchen looks. You can transform your kitchen entirely with a fresh coat of paint. The colours you choose can greatly determine the way your kitchen is perceived. Colours such as creams and beiges can make a kitchen look elegant and rich. Choosing light colours also has the benefit of giving the illusion of space. Lighter colours, especially white, reflects light and makes the space look bigger.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, using dark colours such as blacks and greys can make your kitchen look lavish and extravagant. However, opting for darker colours is a better choice for a kitchen that can afford to do without the illusion of space. If you’re not looking to paint your entire kitchen, you can even select a single wall known as a feature wall. This alone can transform the look of your kitchen and you can even paint it yourself or use some textured beige or cream wallpaper.

5.Remodel Your Floors

Kitchen flooring can greatly elevate the overall look of your kitchen and transform it from simple looking to tasteful and elegant. There is a wide range of options. You can play around with wooden flooring, ceramic tiles of different textures and designs that boast character and personality. For a more elegant and royal look, you can also opt for good quality marble flooring. Similar to white paint, white marble flooring also gives you the illusion of space and is also a very elegant choice.

It is important to choose tiles or marble that compliments your appliances, cupboards and cabinets. You have to keep in mind their texture, colour and shape. Since this is a bigger renovation, careful consideration needs to be taken. The best way to decide on your flooring would be to keep a selection of sample flooring in the kitchen for 24 hours to observe how it looks under various light conditions. Choose the look you like best. With careful planning and the right team of workers, you can lay down a new floor in no time. At Blissspace, we can assure you of a swift and qualitative kitchen renovation or remodelling in Goa. Our reliable team of in-house architects and a trusted crew of tradesmen will ensure your project delivers to your satisfaction. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more insightful posts and to know more about us.

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