Goa’s Best Kitchens This Season

Blissspace Team | 30 September , 2021

The kitchen is no more a cluttered room in the house where one just cooks food. They’ve become extensions of the dining room, they’re the headquarters of every family get-together and have evolved into extremely functional spaces. You can have Goa’s best kitchen that is designed to cater to whatever you need, apart from just dishing out three meals a day.

At Blissspace, bespoke kitchens are the norm. We design kitchens that are beautiful and functional; they are created so that you can cook at ease, with everything you need within reach. Over the past year, we’ve built many made-to-measure kitchens that deserve discussion.

Here are some of our best designed kitchens this season.

1. Focal Island Kitchen

Focal Island Kitchen

Just as the name suggests, this kitchen in Vagator has the kitchen island as its prime focus. It has an integrated look that combines the tones of the cabinets, floors, and ceiling. The built-in appliances like the stove, oven, and microwave eliminate visible wiring and piping, which keeps the kitchen clutter-free. Also notable is the pendant light above the island. It easily amplifies the natural light from the windows and the platform's illuminating lights.

2. Contemporary Vogue Kitchen

Contemporary Vogue Kitchen

The striking statement wall adds a unique touch to the earthy tones of this kitchen in Porvorim. The modular, open-plan layout maximizes the illusion of space without compromising on storage space. The compact design makes it ideal for kitchens with smaller spaces due to its convenient in-built microwave, stove, oven, and chimney, which are easy to clean and maintain. The room has plenty of natural light and provides well ventilation, both naturally and artificially, with large windows and an overhead fan.

3. Marble-Finish Kitchen

Marble-Finish Kitchen

A popular trend for the past few years has been an all-black or white home design, and this L-shaped kitchen in Panjim incorporates a twist on the theme. A variety of greys and metallic shades add texture and depth to the design. Various types of materials are under use to create a statement, such as the illuminating-opaque overhead cabinets. They provide an elegant edge to the kitchen. This integrated stove, microwave, fireplace, and oven conceals wire clutter while optimizing storage and design.

Designing Goa’s best kitchen for the first time to reflect aspects of your personality can seem daunting. To learn to navigate your way through this process, read our blog on kitchen design tips for first-timers. Blissspace is the perfect place to begin the journey to your dream home because your vision is our priority. Learn more about us and our work on our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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