Kitchen Design Tips for First-Timers

Blissspace Team | 24 August , 2021

modular kitchen, irrespective of how elegant it seems or how manageable it feels, is only as good as the effort put into planning it. Modular kitchen design tips in today’s houses are no longer the past’s damp and dismal rooms; they are eclectic, modern, and customised spaces that exude luxury, blend design, and utility. They also make excellent entertainment rooms and give a perfect area to prepare lavish meals without breaking a sweat. Further, it is also important to design the space in such a way that it maximises the usefulness of the area with a layout that aids in the movement of utensils, food, and even furniture.

Designing your modular kitchen is an important commitment, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. With the right team by your side, sufficient research, and the appropriate resources, you can have a kitchen that will be the talk of the neighbourhood in no time.

Here are a few kitchen design tips for first-timers to help you design your new dream kitchen.

1. Back to the Basics

A modular kitchen is a sleek and practical way of designing kitchens. It allows you to choose from cabinets that come off as ‘modules’ in different styles, sizes, and colours to suit your aesthetic. They are known to be effortless to clean and maintain, thus adding to your convenience.

2. Pay Attention to the Fundamentals

Right from the beginning, prioritise your safety. This means choosing safe gas piping, slip-resistant flooring, ensuring that there is an appropriate distance between your washbasin and stove, etc. While designing, ensure that the edges of your countertop are curved as this can prevent unnecessary accidents. It is also convenient to have your appliances and switchboards in the same general vicinity.

3. Plan Your Layout Well

Put thought into the layout of your kitchen as this can greatly benefit its efficiency. It is good to create a rough sketch of the space to help you through the designing process. Look into the placement of your work triangle- your fridge, sink, and hob and see how you would want them to interact and what would be most comfortable for you to work with. Also, don’t overlook the design and placement of your trash cans as this can prove to be a nuisance in the future. Talk to your designer about creating an inbuilt space for your dry and wet waste. Read about how the golden triangle helps in your kitchen design.

4. Ensure Good Lighting

It is vital to have a well-lit kitchen as that can completely transform the appearance of your space. While having large, ventilating windows would be ideal during the day, it is also important to consider other factors. When the sun sets, having bright overhead lights is helpful. Consider lighting that will not create more heat than necessary in the kitchen. Under-cabinet lights are in demand these days, and these are convenient because they shine light right over the workspace.

5. Plan Your Counter Placement

If you choose to have your counter right under your cabinets, ensure that there is sufficient space between the two. Having it placed too high might make reaching up to the higher shelves a task and having it too low might make working on the cabinet an inconvenience. Therefore, ensure that the counter is suitable for your height, preference, and convenience.

6. Maximise Storage Space

When choosing your cabinetry, don’t forget the corners of your kitchen. With the right advice and research, you can find optimal ways to maximise storage space. Be sure to talk to your designer about this to make the best and most of your kitchen space.

7. Ensure Good Ventilation

Ventilation is key in a well-designed kitchen. Make sure that a chimney or an exhaust fan finds a place in your design plan, as that is vital if you do not have a large window or a balcony outside your kitchen.

8. All About the Aesthetics

Lastly, keep in mind the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Having an all-white palette can make the space appear bigger, but cooking stains can be stubborn in lighter colours. However, having a deeper palette could make the space appear smaller and dull. Therefore it is important to strike a balance between the two, which can elevate the look of your kitchen using kitchen design tips. Read our blog on the 5 ways you can make your simple kitchen look tasteful on our blog. At Blissspace, we can assure you of a swift and qualitative kitchen renovation or remodelling in Goa. Our reliable and experienced team of in-house architects and a trusted crew of tradesmen will help you design your kitchen to the fullest potential and ensure your project is delivered to your satisfaction. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information and insightful updates.

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