How Kitchen Trends Have Changed in the Pandemic

Blissspace Team | 11 June , 2021

The pandemic has left an everlasting impact on the lives of people all over the world. This impact ranges from a person’s outlook on life to their interior decoration projects. If you’re well versed with social media, you are aware that a majority of the pandemic was spent in the kitchen following up on the various cooking trends from baking banana bread to making hot chocolate bombs. Additionally, home isolation coupled with daily duties like cooking, babysitting, and working has made people desire a kitchen that is a creative space, functional and efficient to keep up with the trends. Read our 5 ways to make your simple kitchen look tasteful for additional information.

As Goa’s best modular kitchen company, we’ve noticed how our clients’ needs and wants in their kitchens have changed over the last year or so:

1. Expressive Tones and Designs

As a result of the pandemic, many people have begun expressing themselves in the form of their kitchens. The newest trend is seeing a rise in bold statements and an embrace of optimism in kitchen design. The designs combine colour, waves, curves, textures, and materials. These are meant to be fun, vibrant, and radiate a sense of happiness and peace. Some studies show pastel and bright colours such as yellow, peach, orange and pink have a positive impact and significantly improve mood, which is why this is a growing interior trend.

2. Highlight Safety and Hygiene

One of the most pressing concerns for people in the last year has been the safety of themselves and their families. A big part of staying safe from the COVID-19 virus is maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. This has led to a lot of people installing multiple handwashing stations in their kitchens. There has also been a significant increase in the use of antimicrobial surfaces and coatings, as well as materials that can be easily wiped down or are antibacterial, such as copper or stainless steel countertops.

3. Creating More Space

Improving a kitchen’s workflow and thereby making space in it, is essential. This is done by creating good storage solutions. Space planning usually needs to be done with cooking in mind, but these days people are more adaptable. Now, kitchen designs are made keeping in mind attending an emergency work meeting or finding a good spot to babysit whilst cooking, etc. This is why modern kitchens are fully equipped but have the right storage solutions to tuck appliances of all sizes out of sight. This can be done with the right cupboards and cabinets. It is important to be aware of functional kitchen storage spaces that you may miss out on as well.

4. Creating a Multi-Purpose Space

Many kitchen designers have recently noticed the trend of having a ‘living room kitchen’. As people turn to food for comfort during these troubling times, they also end up spending more time than usual in the kitchen. Incorporating comfortable furniture where you can share your morning breakfast with your loved ones such as an island counter and chairs is a great idea. This is also practical for waiting on your food to get cooked instead of running to and from the kitchen several times. You can also add sofas and window seats to corners that won’t get in the way of your kitchen workflow.

5. Good Waste Management

In the modern kitchen, an efficient process for sorting and recycling food waste is vital. A bin near the food preparation area is an important part of the workflow in your kitchen as it enables you to get rid of vegetable peelings and other wet waste quickly. New trends suggest that people have taken up maintaining a compost pit in their gardens. This is an age-old method of effectively getting rid of wet waste, however, it has made a come-back due to the ample amount of free time during the pandemic. Additionally, composting is a great natural fertilizer for your plants and is beneficial to the environment as well.

6. Smart Kitchens

Technology continues to evolve drastically showing us innovative new appliances to consider using in our kitchens. One such innovation is a large screen integrated into the front of your microwave over the cooking range. This allows you easy access to streaming TV and using a web browser. The camera system also allows you to easily attend and participate in work meetings or video calls to friends and loved ones from the kitchen. Additionally, it’s not just about staying connected; stoves are becoming smarter as well. A new feature called “guided cooking” allows you to control temperatures via an app and an in-oven camera that allows you to keep an eye on your food while you’re out of the room. These cameras also allow you to share what you’re cooking on social media.

At Blissspace, we encourage you to share your vision with us so we can successfully build you your dream kitchen. We can help you keep up with the new and modern trends so that you can have a smart, hygienic, comfortable, and efficient kitchen. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know more about us or share with us any new trends that you may find interesting.

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