Modular Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

Blissspace Team | 23 October , 2023

Modular kitchen concepts are creating a profound impact on modern living spaces, revolutionising the approach to kitchen design. Modular kitchen solutions offer customisability and adaptability, thereby permitting homeowners to build not just an aesthetically pleasing but a highly functional kitchen space. Catering to each homeowner's unique needs, this market trend is gaining traction and is witnessing the permeation of a broad range of innovative solutions. Homeowners now have a myriad of options to choose from, thereby optimising the kitchen’s functionality and convenience while simultaneously enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Listed below are a few kitchen design ideas that ensure an efficient yet stylish kitchen space:

Organisers and Trays for Cutlery

Cutlery trays and organisers are proving to be indispensable in ensuring a clutter-free space. Introduce order into the kitchen drawers by neatly arranging forks, knives, spoons, tongs, and other essential cutlery utensils using these trays. They are available in a variety of configurations, making it easy to find ones that fit each drawer's specifications. This approach not only makes items easier to locate but also protects the utensils from getting damaged. In addition to this, it saves individuals, especially children, from getting harmed by any sharp kitchen tools and knives that would otherwise be mixed up with the rest of the utensils.

Consider placing these drawers somewhere other than directly below the cooking range so as not to disrupt meal preps. This approach not only streamlines the entire cooking process but also adds style to the drawers.

Pull-Out Spice Rack

Eliminate the need to remove front containers from a drawer to get to the back row with a pull-out spice rack. This solution can be described as a shelf with a rail mounted to the cabinet front. It showcases tiered shelves or trays that enable the user to view all the spices at the same time while also making picking out the right seasoning for meal prep easier.

This allows for easy visibility and access to the kitchen items being stored. This dedicated space also helps individuals looking to improve organisation and efficiency. Installing a pull-out spice rack not only saves time and brings about orderliness but also ensures that the items maintain freshness and flavour for a longer amount of time.

Corner Cabinet Solutions

Accessing items in the back of a corner cabinet can prove to be a challenging task. This inaccessibility can be eliminated by implementing revolutionary corner cabinet solutions. These innovative solutions have been designed and developed to utilise the available corner space in the kitchen that most homeowners seem to avoid using. The concept of this solution is that it uses a kidney-shaped or circular shelf that rotates on a set of bearings. This allows the user to access the items stored in the back of the cabinet as easily as the front. This not only increases convenience but also reduces the risk of items getting lost or forgotten in the depths of a corner cabinet.

Installing a corner cabinet solution assures complete space utilisation, allowing one to store kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, and even dry goods. This solution makes use of all the available storage space.

Tall Units

Another essential in modular kitchen designs is tall units. This solution functions like a pantry substitute by using vertical spaces within the kitchen. The final look of this modular solution is that it appears to be a part of the kitchen wall, lending it a clean and minimalistic look. It is also an ideal option when the floor space available is limited. A tall unit plays a key role in helping store copious amounts of groceries that possess a long shelf life. This solution is designed to house various items like wine, oils, seasonings, munchies, and so on. It offers a cool and dry place to not just store but also protect items from heat and moisture.

When installing a tall unit, make certain that it is securely anchored to the floor and wall so as to avoid encountering any safety hazards.

Incorporating modular kitchen accessories into the kitchen can transform the entire meal prep process. In addition to enhancing item organisation and optimising space, these accessories also elevate the aesthetic look of the kitchen. As a homeowner looking to build a new kitchen or remodel their existing kitchen, consider using modular kitchen solutions for all the advantages they have to offer.

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