Pros and Cons of Built-in Appliances

Blissspace Team | 30 August , 2023

Kitchens have become a versatile space where family and friends can dine, entertain, and work in addition to meal preparations. There are myriad styles and designs that can be implemented within this space to reflect the homeowner's style in tandem with functionality. One key decision while designing or remodelling the kitchen is the choice between two types of appliance design options: freestanding or integrated. Both of these styles have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Weighing the main pros and cons will help homeowners select the style that works best for them and their homes.

Being Better Informed

Built-in kitchen appliances are those that are housed in the kitchen cabinets, countertops, or walls to lend a modern, integrated, and seamless look. This eliminates the style of having the kitchen sport bulky and multiple-coloured freestanding appliances.

Which Appliances Can Space-saving Solutions be Introduced to?

The oven can be integrated within the wall units at a convenient height for the user. The induction hob can seamlessly fit into the work surface, ensuring a sleek finish. Additionally, choosing an integrated fridge and freezer that can be hidden behind cabinet panels offers a clean and modern look to the kitchen. Moreover, there is a broad range of other appliances like coffee machines, blenders, and wine coolers that can be integrated into the kitchen design. If your home sports a kitchen island, consider including a wine cooler in the design as a space-saving and innovative approach instead of your kitchen showcasing a standalone cooler.

The Pros


Sleek Aesthetic Appeal

One of the key advantages of opting for built-in appliances in the kitchen is that it introduces and maintains continuity and aesthetic appeal. As opposed to freestanding appliances, they eliminate all the clutter their bulky, freestanding counterparts would create.

Space-saving Move

When creating layouts for a new kitchen or remodel, keep in mind the space available. Built-in appliances are designed to adapt to the available area while also appearing stylish. They can be used in every kitchen, behind cabinets and walls, irrespective of the size of the kitchen.

Make Cooking Easy

Built-in appliances are easy to use, compact, and safe, making cooking and cleaning a delight and not a chore. Integrated appliances allow for efficient organisation and arrangement. This streamlined accessibility improves workflow in the kitchen, thereby enhancing the cooking experience.

Better Resale Value

Installing integrated appliances can add value to the home if the homeowner decides to sell in the future. There are buyers in the market who prefer a ready-to-use kitchen space.

The Cons


The Costlier Path

Opting to install appliances within the walls, surfaces, or cabinetry of the kitchen can be expensive as the fitting needs to be customised prior to installation. Homeowners may need to invest in multiple built-in appliances, which will drive up the final cost.

Increased Installation Time

The amount of time dedicated to installing in-built appliances is more than just placing freestanding ones in the kitchen. This long installation process may disrupt the kitchen's functionality and one’s daily routine as well.

Redesigning Challenge

Revamping the kitchen design or simply deciding to move cabinets can be an arduous task with in-built appliances. This can also lead to additional expenses. Moreover, its limited portability does not allow homeowners to relocate with the same appliances.

Limited Upgrade Possibilities

Various brands continually introduce newer and more advanced appliance models into the market, making upgrading the appliances a more complex and costly process. Replacing older appliances may involve modifying the cabinetry or countertop in which they are stored. This, in turn, adds to the overall upgrade expense.

Maintenance and Repairs

In the event of repair work or maintenance of built-in appliances, accessing certain internal components may require disassembling the cabinetry, leading to added expenses, additional time, and inconvenience.

While opting for your kitchen to sport built-in appliances may have a few drawbacks, it also helps maintain an uncluttered and modern aesthetic. Moreover, it optimises the available kitchen space and enhances functionality, making meal preparation a fun and hassle-free experience.

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