Pros and Cons of Handle-less Kitchen Designs

Blissspace Team | 28 July , 2022

The world of home decor is constantly evolving, turning toward newer ideas and elements to spice up a home’s interior. One such aspect is the handle-less kitchen design. A well-loved element from the 70s, handleless kitchens are characterised by the absence of handles on almost all drawers and cabinets. Today, this design is witnessing a comeback as a popular trendsetter for contemporary homes in 2022. Its sleek minimalist look seamlessly amps up your home’s visual appeal and optimises ease of access to kitchen essentials. That said, no architectural design comes without flaws. If you are considering redoing your modular kitchen with handleless kitchen designs, it would be best to do your research.

Types of Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

Based on their mode of operation, handle-less cabinets or drawers are categorised under three main types:

1. J-Pull

The J-pull design is an easy alternative to handleless cabinets. Instead of installing a handle that juts out, designers simply cut it into the doors or drawers. The simple J-shaped curve that spans horizontally along a unit makes it easy for you to hook your fingers and open them.

2. Truly Handleless

True handleless kitchens do not rely on any modifications to the external units. Rather, a recessed rail is installed into a custom-built cabinet. The recess allows for users to access the truly handleless doors and drawers.

3. Push-to-Open

A much more contemporary option, the push to open trends is here to stay. Unlike the designs mentioned above, this mechanism depends on a push rod that enables easy access to the drawers. This quirky feature that allows cabinets to add a modern touch to kitchen design is preferred by many.

Pros and Cons of Handleless Kitchens

While handleless kitchens tend to add a futuristic touch and a clean look to your kitchen spaces, they can be a bit on the dear side.

Here are some pros and cons of handle-less kitchens to consider before you invest in a handleless kitchen:

Benefits of Installing a Handleless Kitchen

While you need to consider the visual appeal of a kitchen, it is also important to evaluate its functionality. The pros of handle-less kitchen design are its aesthetic design, space optimisation, and increased safety.

1. Aesthetics

The handleless kitchens have a sharp silhouette and a modern design that easily blends into contemporary home decor. They are also easier to clean and are available in different finishes and colours. If you pick the right design, its understated elegance can seamlessly tie together the look and feel of your home.

2. Safety

Handles on kitchen drawers are a potential source of injury for both kids and adults alike. While as adults, you could be injured due to blunt force or clothes getting stuck into the handles, kids could easily just hit their heads onto them. The handles are generally placed at the same heights as kids making them easy to access for them and a hotspot for injuries. Overall, handleless kitchens are much safer to use and be around.

3. Space Optimisation

Handleless cabinets can easily sit into spaces that would otherwise have been difficult to fit into. Moreover, the continuity of your design does not get interrupted by jutting handles.

Drawbacks of Handleless Kitchens

The intricate design and advanced mechanisms involved in creating handle-less kitchens make them an expensive affair. Apart from weighing in on some of their other cons, it is important to align the installations with your budget.

1. They are Expensive

Handleless kitchens require precise designs customised to the type of units you want to install. The technology involved in creating a perfectly handleless kitchen can get more expensive. Moreover, the cabinets and expertise required can further affect its costs. 

2. Can be Difficult to Clean

Depending on the technology and finish used in your handle-less cabinets, cleaning can become a time-consuming and tedious affair. Cabinetry with a glossy finish could accumulate dirt, stains, and fingerprints and the crevices could gather dust too. You would need to engage in regular upkeep of your handleless cabinets to retain their contemporary sleek look and design.

3. Could have Operational Issues

This is no secret that with increased technologies come increased issues. They can wear out sooner and be more difficult to access for people with long fingernails, arthritis, and any other conditions that can affect grip or strength. Moreover, this cabinetry is not entirely disability-friendly.

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