How To Style An Empty Wall In Your Kitchen

Blissspace Team | 08 February , 2023

People often think installing cabinets and shelves will make their kitchen look complete. However, empty kitchen walls do add value to a good kitchen. An empty wall can be a canvas for your creativity, and an opportunity to give your kitchen a look that matches your aesthetic.

Various options can be used to visually expand your kitchen, ranging from hanging shelves to an eye-catching wall mural. Filling up these spaces can also provide you with some additional storage space that complements the visual appeal of the kitchen. A truly finished kitchen design begins with some alluring ideas to style the empty wall space.

Installing Tiles

Tiles are a minimalist option for blank kitchen walls that are both traditional and timeless. Having mismatched tile combinations with accent colour tiles can make your kitchen look more visually striking. Moreover, rearranging tiles in patterns like herringbone can make an interesting kitchen backsplash as it's a classic yet popular choice.

For a minimalistic yet simple kitchen design, brick walls not only create a striking visual effect but also bind the space. In addition, brick walls look great with almost every colour scheme.

Open Shelving

Well-positioned open shelves can change the whole look of the wall and an added advantage is the additional usable storage space. By having open shelves you can easily display aesthetically pleasing crockery and glassware.

Moreover, you can place various cookbooks, vases, wine glasses, candles, and anything you need in your kitchen. This unique styling not only brings out the real design of your aesthetics but it's all extremely practical for kitchens with less storage space.

Hanging Artwork

An art display always works wonders, as it not only showcases your design style and preferences but also brings out the unique characteristics of your kitchen. By hanging your most beloved and favourite pieces of art, it will better match the decor in your house.

A gallery wall theme can also be integrated into the blank kitchen space. A mixture of artworks and photographs displayed in glass cases is a great way to protect them from splatter. Colour-coordinated frames or a mix of unique coloured frames are also trendy and a beautiful way to decorate your walls.

Displaying Utensils

The display of stand-out kitchen decor and chopping board collection is a stylish and eye-catching design for those with a passion for cooking. The chopping boards can be hung in an aesthetic way so that your kitchen looks elegant and stylish.

Showcasing your unique utensil collection also works for people who collect different baskets and stylish plates. Baskets provide a bohemian touch and add texture to the wall design. Using plates and pots on display is also an incredible way to showcase your collection and put it to effective use when not cooking.

Wall Mounted Furniture And Appliances

Wall-mounted tables and breakfast counters are a smart way to maximise your kitchen space. It's efficient, unique, and gives extra space as well. There are various options to choose from, including either a fixed counter or a foldable one. The added advantage of installing a foldable counter is that when in need of extra space you can fold the counter and have additional space.

You can also make efficient use of the available blank wall by installing a coffee machine or minibar. To make a coffee/tea corner you need to install a coffee machine and shelves to put coffee essentials like mugs, a frother, coffee, and other essential accessories.

Hanging Photo Frames And Planters

To add the touch of personalisation, you can display photo frames with cherished memories and aesthetic photographs. There are many types of frames available ranging from copper to golden base paint frames to typographic frames.

If you wish to have a combination of urban and scenic design, you can add potted plants and succulent plants, this will add visual appeal. Plus, you can easily use herbs like basil, cilantro, and mint in the kitchen for cooking purposes.

There are many ways to make the most of that empty kitchen wall, regardless of whether you want a bold colour accent wall or storage-efficient shelves. It's an opportunity to add style and design to your home that matches your aesthetics. Choose the option that reflects and fits your unique personal style and taste.

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